Your UMUC Team

Partner with your UMGC team to help make decisions that can fast-track your educational goals.

You can reach these departments through the links below. Direct phone numbers and military-specific numbers may also be provided for some departments. UMGC's address and main phone number are listed at the bottom of this page.

Have your student ID (EMPLID) on hand for correspondence and conversations with your teams. You can find your Student ID (also known as your EMPLID) under your name in the upper right corner of MyUMGC after logging in.


An academic advisor is your primary point of contact and will be there to

  • Help you find the most efficient path to completing your degree
  • Determine which course or courses you should take next
  • Advise you on alternative ways of earning credit that could save you time and money
  • Identify services and resources to help you stay (or get back) on track

Advisors will partner with staff members from the following departments, either working with them on your behalf or having you contact them directly. In either case, the advisor is your advocate.

Advisors are available in person or by e-mail or phone

  • Monday–Friday (in person or by phone),
    8:30 a.m.–8 p.m. eastern time

Financial Aid

Financial aid counselors process your application for aid and can help you

  • Complete financial aid documents
  • Request financial aid you previously declined
  • Understand how dropping or withdrawing from a course will affect your aid

For help, visit Help@UMGC (available 24 hours a day)

Make sure to fill out your FAFSA application with the school code 011644.

If you're planning to use your veterans benefits, please contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more

Student Accounts

Student Accounts representatives process all payments, including employer and military tuition assistance, and coordinate Perkins loans. They can help you


Faculty Members

If you have questions about your assignments, syllabi, or coursework, your instructor should be your first point of contact. Never be afraid to ask for help or clarification. 

Contact information, including preferred methods of contact, is provided in your syllabi in the online classroom one week before your course starts.  

The UMGC Library

The UMGC Library can help you work through all stages of a research project with

  • Access to a rich collection of research materials, including research databases, thousands of electronic books, and the collections of the University System of Maryland and affiliated institutions libraries
  • Library instruction
  • Reference and research assistance 24 hours a day


Call 240-684-2020 (or 855-655-8682, option 3, ext. 2-2020)

Effective Writing Center

The Effective Writing Center provides writing-related services and tutorials to help you improve your writing skills and develop your papers—from creating the original outline to editing the final draft.


Call 240-684-2899

Tutoring and Mentoring

Tutoring is available online in computing and in math and statistics, and many entry-level courses are also supported with online tutors. To find out which ones, e-mail the Center for Student Success.

Computer Access

You'll find computer labs available at various UMGC locations around Maryland.

Accessibility Services

If you need special accommodations, Accessibility Services may be able to assist you. Requests should be made four to six weeks before classes start.


Call 240-684-2287; 855-655-8682, ext. 2-2287; and 240-684-2277 TTY.

Career Services

Career Services counselors can help you with

  • Career mapping
  • Resume and cover-letter tips
  • Job fair preparation
  • Resources to find job opportunities
  • Strategies for the federal job search
  • Interview preparation

Military and Veterans

The Military and Veterans Teams are experts in the issues specific to military life. Team members provide the usual advising services and also can

  • Help you maximize your military and veteran benefits
  • Assist you with transferring your military service for credit

In-Person Advising

See if a military education coordinator is located near you for in-person advising.

Military Advising Team

Phone 240-684-2105 or
Fax 240-684-2152

Veteran Advising Team

Phone: 240-684-2106 or 800-939-8682
Fax: 240-684-2152

Veterans Certification Office

Personnel in this office can help you with benefits certification.
Phone: 240-684-2280
Fax 240-684-2007

If you have specific questions about veterans benefits, such as eligibility, funds availability, or process questions, contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs directly.
Phone: 1-888-442-4551

VetSuccess on Campus

This program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides on-site benefits assistance and counseling at the Academic Center at Largo.

Last name A–L
Phone 240-684-2555

Last name M–Z
Phone: 240-684-2598

Student Account Assistance

To verify that your employer-provided tuition assistance, veteran’s benefits, or military tuition assistance have been applied to your account, check the student account center. Select "My Account" and then "View Account Activity."

If you have any issues with the processing of your third party contract, please contact:

employer tuition:

veterans benefits:

military tuition assistance: