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Greetings new students! As you prepare to move forward in your educational journey, those of us on the Student Advisory Council want to welcome you to the University of Maryland Global Campus and to a new start. We understand how difficult it can be to balance academics with work, family, and other responsibilities. We want you to know that your Council is working hard on your behalf. No matter where you are- stateside, Europe, or Asia, we’re here for you, and we are all in this together. As you take the next step, we want to share with you what we feel is most important to your success:

  • For your classes: Write down your deadlines in a calendar app or on a planner.
  • For your educational goals: Make sure you work with an academic advisor or success coach every step of the way- they can help you to stay on track and can direct you to any resources you might need.
  • For your professional goals: Start working with Career Services early! There are many ways you can move forward professionally while you are a student, and the Office of Career Services has many tools and resources you can use.

The Student Advisory Council wishes you a successful semester!

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