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Reminder: If you have not done so already, please watch the Tips For Success video and print the Tips For Success document prior to your first day of class.

Students who are more active and involved during the first week of a course have a greater chance of successfully completing their course.

Developing good study habits will make it easier to complete your coursework. Take care of administrative tasks early to give yourself a head start on the next term (semester).

The action items below will help you keep you organized throughout your course and beyond. If you follow these guidelines, you'll have an easier time managing your first course and be ready to tackle the next term with confidence.

Beginning of Course

  • Make sure you set aside time to work on weekly assignments.
  • Break down your larger projects into small milestones.
  • Connect with at least two people to begin building your UMGC network.
  • Become familiar with any tutoring and mentoring resources that may be available through the course.
  • Familiarize yourself with Your faculty will provide your login ID.
  • Reread your syllabus multiple times and contact your instructor if anything is unclear.
  • Review the grading guidelines (the specific criteria for grading or scoring academic papers, projects, or tests provided by your instructor) for your course.

Midway Through

  • Look at your reading assignments and plan to start longer assignments earlier.
  • Try to stay a week ahead with coursework (assignments, discussion posts, readings, etc.).
  • Refer back to grading guidelines before submitting your assignments to make sure you have satisfied the listed requirements.
  • Check your grades periodically to get an idea of where you stand in your class. If you have questions about your grades, contact your instructor.
  • Evaluate your grades before the withdrawal deadline to determine whether you should pursue that option.
  • Schedule an advising appointment to ask about alternative credit options. Talk about your degree plan for the future and what course(s) to take next.
  • Register for the next semester through MyUMGC.
  • Check the student account center to make payment or make sure your account is paid by clicking on "View Account/Make a Payment."

Finishing Strong

  • Update your residency information and military community data in MyUMGC each term to ensure that you’re receiving the correct tuition rate. View information regarding residency documentation requirements.
  • Verify that your transcripts have been received online via MyUMGC. Note that once received, transcripts take up to 2 weeks to be reflected in MyUMGC (View Instructions).
  • Develop a financing strategy for future semesters.
  • Review end-of-semester requirements and develop a plan for getting it all done in time.
  • Verify that you have met your end-of-semester requirements (final assessments, discussion postings, assignments, etc.).
  • Identify and download content or information that you'd like to save for future reference (discussion postings, assignments, or important material from your class). You will only have access to your classroom for a limited time after the term has ended.

Looking Forward

  • Check your final grade in the MyUMGC Student Center (typically available starting three days after the course is over). Military students, check your military portals to ensure that your grades have posted so that you can register for the next term. It can take 24–48 hours for grades to post in military portals after they’ve been posted in MyUMGC.
  • Identify any techniques or practices that worked for you and plan to apply them in your future classes.
  • Consider ways to integrate your favorite assignments and/or projects into a career-enhancing portfolio.

A Successful Online Student

  • Reads the syllabus and course requirements carefully.
  • Asks questions when in doubt.
  • Schedules time for classwork and keeps up with the schedule.
  • Requests help when necessary.
  • Participates fully as required.
  • Submits all assignments on or before the due date.
  • Engages others in discussions with enthusiasm and courtesy.
  • Demonstrates discipline and self-motivation.
  • Pays attention to details.
  • Keeps backup copies of all work.

Success Tip

Be sure to log in every day so that your messages don't become unmanageable. To develop the habit, try to do it at the same time every day.

quotes-icon"It is important to get involved and stay involved in your own success. Professors will offer assistance, but you must be willing to put forth the effort."

Renee Hegens '13
MS, Management (Financial Management specialization)

Technical Assistance

Go to Help@UMGC or call 888-360-8682.

For issues with military portals, please contact your education center or the helpdesk in that portal.