Faculty Request for Library Instruction

"[The instruction session] was amazing. [The librarian] put it all together.
I never understood the whole system before this." - student feedback

What we offer:

Library Research Tutorial

The new, modular tutorial takes the student through the research process, beginning with how to write a research question. It also includes information on database searching, scholarship, citation, and evaluation. Each of the modules includes learning materials, a video and an interactive quiz. There is also a final assessment quiz at the end that can be emailed to the student, or to the faculty member.

To embed this tutorial into your model classroom, use the following link:


Course Guide

Work with a librarian to create a customized course guide for your classroom that contains information on resources needed for assignments in your class. To request a course guide, please contact the library liaison for your department.


Library Instruction Session

Request a Library Instruction Session
As a UMGC faculty member, after discussing with your academic/program director, you can arrange for an online, asynchronous library instruction session via the learning management system and/or face-to-face (within the DC metro area). Online and face-to-face sessions include searching and database selection tips and techniques, critical evaluation of resources, and citation assistance. For online sessions, self-help quizzes are included to provide reinforcement of the materials covered. A question and answer discussion is added to give students a chance to interact with a librarian during the week. The librarian will work with you to tailor this instruction session to meet your instructional content needs.

If requesting a face-to-face session:
A face-to-face library instruction session should be held in a computer lab so that students can actively reinforce their learning through hands-on practice (searching databases, etc.). A librarian merely talking to a face-to-face class, without being able to demonstrate how to use library resources because no Internet is available, is an ineffective use of your class’s time. If your class cannot meet in a computer lab or your classroom is not Internet accessible, please request an online instruction session instead. The instruction will take place in your online classroom and will be facilitated by a librarian providing your students with opportunities to reinforce the learning.

When to schedule:
Please note that because of the volume of requests received and the time needed to tailor the instruction content we ask that requests be submitted no later than two weeks before the scheduled session.

For more information:
For more information about this service, please see the library's Faculty Request for Library Instruction Guidelines.