Faculty Resources and Services


Library Liaisons

As part of their duties, the Library's Reference & Instruction Librarians serve as library liaisons to academic departments within the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology, and the First Year Experience. In this role they:

  • serve as a contact for Library-related questions from Department Chairs, Program Directors, Academic Coordinators, or faculty,
  • assist with locating library resources to be used as classroom learning resources,
  • create and revise classroom learning activities and modules related to library & information literacy topics,
  • participate in library collection development and curation of subscription resources and ebooks related to their subject area,
  • work with Course Development to provide support for learning resources and other projects, and
  • attend faculty meetings and events when possible.

Locate your Liaison by school and program below, and feel free to contact them by e-mail or phone for help with these and any other Library-related issues or questions.

School of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sciences

Liaison: Robert Miller (240-684-2036)

  • Biological Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Social Sciences & Gerontology
  • Nursing
  • Psychology

Liaison: Megan A. Davis (240-684-2027)

  • Biotechnology
  • Political Sciences
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Environmental Science & Management

Department of Arts & Humanities

Liaison: Melissa Foge (240-684-2884)

  • Communications, Journalism & Speech
  • Art & Graphic Communications
  • Foreign Languages & Cultural Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Humanities & Philosophy
  • Writing Across the Curriculum

Department of Education and Public Service

Liaison:  Colleen Quinn (240-684-2427)

  • Criminal Justice & Investigative Forensics
  • Homeland, Intelligence, & Emergency Management
  • Community College Policy & Administration (Doctoral Program)
  • Public Safety Administration
  • Education
  • Legal Studies


School of Business

Department of Business Administration

Liaison: Cynthia Thomes (240-684-2046)

  • Undergraduate Business Administration
  • Graduate Business Administration (includes MBA and Doctor of Business Administration)

Department of Finance and Accounting

Liaison: Neal Pomea (240-684-2042)

  • Accounting
  • Finance and Economics

Department of Business Management

Liaison: Ed O'Donnell (240-684-2041)

  • Global Health Services & Administration

Liaison: Neal Pomea (240-684-2042)

  • Acquisition and Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Human Resources
  • Management Foundations, Project Mgmt, Nonprofit & Assoc. Mgmt
  • Marketing
  • Transformational Leadership


School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology

Department of Cybersecurity

Liaison: Ed O'Donnell (240-684-2041)

  • Cloud Computing & Telecommunications
  • Cybersecurity Mgmt & Policy
  • Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation
  • Computer Networks & Cybersecurity
  • Software Development & Security

Department of Information Technology

Liaison: Ryan Shepard (240-684-2045)

  • Digital Media & Web Technology
  • Information Systems Mgmt
  • Information Technology Core
  • Computer & Information Science


First Term Experience and the
Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success

Liaison: Julie Harding (240-684-2023)

  • UCSP 615
  • LIBS 150
  • PACE 111
  • ELM 600
  • CAPL 398a