eReserves for ELM Classes

Instructional Designers:
Please use the form below to submit eReserve requests for ELM classes.   eReserve requests should be limited to articles and book chapters that are not available in the Library databases or on the free Web.  The Library's eReserves team will send you links to the readings for posting in your classroom. 

Please see the guidelines below, or contact the eReserves Team if you have further questions. 


Guidelines for eReserves in ELM Classes

Who initiates the request?
For ELM courses, program and course chairs should work with their instructional designer on all course materials.  The instructional designer can then submit eReserve requests as needed.    

What materials can be requested?
Items that are not available within the Library databases and fall under copyright may be requested for eReserves.

What materials cannot be requested?
Items that are available within Library databases and approved e-book collections (see E-Resources: Linking to E-books and Journal Articles) should be linked to directly from the ELM course materials and do not need to go through eReserves.

What is the process?    

1) The instructional designer submits the request.  Instructional designers should use the form above to submit the request.

NOTE:  This form should be used for ELM classes only.  Requests for non-ELM classes should be made through the ARES eReserves system by the director or faculty member. 

2) eReserves returns a link.  eReserves will process the request, obtain the material, address copyright issues and payments of fees as required, post the item in the ARES eReserves system, and return a persistent URL (PURL) link to the instructional designer.  

3) The instructional designer posts the link in the classroom.  The PURL link can then be placed into course content by the instructional designer. The link will only allow access to students enrolled in the course, course faculty, and instructional designers/librarians and the PURL will not work outside of the course.

How long are the links maintained?
eReserves will ensure that the links remain active and that copyright fees are processed until such time as the material is no longer required for the course. The program/course char and/or instructional designer should alert the eReserves Team when items are removed from course content. 

What about ADA compliance?
Program/Course Chairs should be aware that the requested content must also be reviewed for ADA compliance and cannot be used if the material and file containing it does not meet ADA standards.