Sample Information Literacy Assignment #2

There are numerous theories regarding what makes a 'good' teacher, including both educational background and personality characteristics.  We are going to look at some of these theories in this week's assignment and create a review.

Find one Web site and three (3) articles written on the topic "What makes a good teacher" (while I will allow some flexibility, be reasonable when selecting the website and articles). The articles should be located through the use of the Research Databases. For help accessing and using the library databases, review the guide on how to Find Articles.  

If you need assistance locating or evaluating a Web site, two recommended resources are the Secrets of My Research Success, which has a module on finding Web pages, and the guide Evaluating Web Resources, which provides criteria to use in determining if a Web site is authoritative, reliable, and credible. 

Write a brief (one - two paragraphs) review for both the website and each article (total of four - eight paragraphs). Write an additional one - two paragraphs stating which general educational background/personality characteristics you believe make a good teacher (these can be drawn from the website/articles you read or, if you believe the authors left something out, drawn from your personal beliefs about teaching). 

At the conclusion of your five - ten paragraphs, make a link to the Web site you selected and describe the steps you took (databases searched, search terms used) to find the three articles and list the citations (journal title, article title, author, journal volume and issue, date).