Sample Information Literacy Assignment #1

In the tradition of the great explorers who ventured in new paths, this assignment asks you to search the many databases available to UMGC students to identify resources that may be of use to us well as those that we should avoid. You will be aided in this exploration by the UMGC library staff.

Your task:

  1. Search through the databases presented and write a short summary that critiques the value of 3 databases (such as benefits, limitations, cautions, possibilities).
  2. Select at least 3 items from the databases, and write a brief critical review about the value of the item. For example, value of the article/database re: accuracy of items, detail vs. generality, easy vs. difficult access, understandable (such as use of jargon). Could you understand what point was being made? Would others in your profession, office? ; Conclusion-- Would you recommend the articles? And most importantly, evaluate the credibility of the information--is the article from a reputable journal or a popular magazine? (You do NOT have to cover all these items; select as appropriate).
  3. Areas for exploration:
    • constructive and destructive conflict
    • cross-cultural conflict
    • integrative bargaining and distributive bargaining
    • interpersonal conflict
    • role of perception, attribution, and stereotyping in conflict
    • mediation of disputes
    • community dispute resolution

NOTE: you may need to select a smaller aspect of any area. If you do, identify which aspects you have selected.


  • 4-5 pages of text --written in college level English (grammar, spelling, sentence structure)
  • logical, well organized and well-developed
  • summary resource page-labeled as Resources Examined--at the end of the paper (not counted in page #s). Include full APA or MLA citations for the 3 databases searched and the 3 items selected.