How to Access eReserves (Students)

You can access eReserves in two ways:

From your online classroom
Go to Content > Course Resources > eReserves and you will see the eReserve items for that particular class.

Or log directly into the eReserve System
You can also log directly into the eReserves System, where you should see a list of your current classes. Click on a class and you will see the items for that class.

Note that eReserve items do not become available until the first day of class, and are unavailable once the class ends.

The eReserves System

eReserve items

Features include:

    • Hot List. You can make a single "Hot List" of selected items from all your classes for quick access to those items.
    • Alerts. You can set up e-mail alerts to notify you when new items become available.
    • RSS Feeds. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed to be alerted when new items become available.
    • Tagging. You can tag items and sort them by the tags. Click on individual items to add tags to them.  (Some items may also come with tags from the instructor.)

Features of the eReserves System

What is the difference between eReserves, eReadings, and the Webliography?

  • eReadings are textbook chapters that are placed in your classroom through UMGC Textbook Services.
  • eReserves are additional required readings, provided through the UMGC Library.
  • The Webliography is a list of resources freely available on the Web.