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Spring 2013 • Volume 13, Issue 1
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From Stephen Miller
Associate Vice Provost, Information and Library Services

Stephen Miller

Along with the library staff, I extend a warm welcome to all new and returning UMUC students, faculty, and staff for the Spring 2013 semester!

In this newsletter, we continue introducing our Library staff, who strive to provide you with the best Library resources and services possible. In this newsletter we are featuring the Management Team, Reference and Instruction Team, and Library Specialists. If you are ever at the Academic Center in Largo, please stop by to say hello!

There have been a few updates and enhancements to library resources. As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged.

We continue to represent the Library at a variety of local and national conferences. Please continue reading for more information.

UMUC librarians are available for research assistance through a variety of formats including 24/7 e-mail and live chat, as well as in-person and via telephone during regular business hours at our Largo location. Instant messaging is also available during selected hours from the Ask a Librarian page.

Faculty are encouraged to take full advantage of the Library's liaison program and course-related library instruction. Please familiarize yourselves with these services.

Best of luck in the Spring semester!


Meet the Library Staff!

We conclude our introductions to the Library staff, all of whom support the educational mission of UMUC..

Management Team

The Management Team provides oversight for the UMUC Library operations and staff, ensuring that the Library carries out its mission: "Educating students, faculty, and staff in the use of library and information resources and services, emphasizing the critical importance of information literacy knowledge and skills for success in today's information-rich world." The Management Team deals with budget, staffing, and Library policies, and handles external relations within the University.

Management Team
Management Team

From left to right: Jen Diffin, Assistant Director, Systems and Access Services, Barb Mann, Associate Director, Public Services, Stephen Miller, Associate Vice Provost, Information and Library Services, Lenore England, Assistant Director, Electronic Resources Management

Reference and Instruction Team

If you are a student trying to suss out the proper way to cite an article using APA style or a faculty member hoping to ensure that your students are well-versed in locating, evaluating, and using the most authoritative sources for their class papers and projects, the UMUC Library Reference and Instruction Team is here to help! The staff of the Reference and Instruction Team, which also includes two part-time Graduate Assistants from the University of Maryland's iSchool, spend their days, evenings, and weekends assisting students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of research questions via e-mail, instant messaging, phone, and in person at the library in the Academic Center at Largo. Whether you are searching for a case study that examines the effects of globalization on the hiring practices in a particular industry or looking for a critical analysis of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five, the Reference and Instruction Team will scour library resources for just the right resource to complete your research.

Members of the Team also provide information literacy instruction in Web Tycho classrooms as well as face-to-face. This instruction is tailored to specific classes and is designed to help students gain the information literacy skills necessary to be efficient and effective users of information for their academic, professional, and personal lives. In addition, Team members also act as library liaisons for various University departments.

The Reference and Instruction Team also keeps the Library open during inclement weather even when the rest of UMUC is closed. Working from home, librarians ensure that students faculty, and staff enjoy unfettered access to research assistance, as well as library resources and services.

Reference and Instruction Team
Reference and InstructionTeam

From left to right: Megan Davis, Reference and Instruction Librarian and Regional Services Liaison, Renee Brown, Library Associate for Reference and Instruction, Neal Pomea, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Cynthia Thomes, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Rocco DeBonis, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Barb Mann, Assistant Director, Public Services, Clare Miller, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Ed O'Donnell, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Robert Miller, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Ryan Shepard, Reference and Instruction Librarian.

Not pictured: Julie Harding, UCSP Course Manager, Joe Rawson, 24/7 Services Coordinator, Graduate Assistants Alisha Adams and Sarah Green.

Library Specialists

The Library Specialists perform key administrative duties, ensuring the smooth operation of the Library. Among the tasks they perform are maintaining serial subscriptions, tracking and ordering supplies, serving as liaison for Human Resources, and providing backup for Library financial operations.

Library Specialists
Library Specialists

Left: Pam Luckett, Academic Program Specialist Right: Luella Hackett, Program Management Specialist


Electronic Resources News

New Citation Resources are Available  

We now have two new citation resources for the APA and Chicago styles.

Enhancements for UMUC OneSearch 

UMUC OneSearch now includes improved text-to-speech and accessibility features. Voice quality and playback functions are improved, and users now have accent selection and text playback choices.

New Content in Factiva

  • Media Monitor content is now integrated into, which provides breaking news and emerging trends by conducting analyses across traditional and social media content.
  • The total number of sources accessible in Factiva grew by 24% during 2011, and this growth has continued in 2012.


Due to changes with Gartner’s subscription models, Information & Library Services and UMUC are no longer able to offer student and faculty access to the database as of February 1, 2013. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


UMUC Library Staff News

Presentations and Poster Sessions

  • Taming the Waters: Different Approaches to Managing  Electronic Resources
    Lenore England,
    Digital Resources Librarian, and Heather d’Amour, Head - Metadata Development at the University of Calgary, presented at the ALCTS Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems Interest Group meeting at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in January, 2013. Ms. England's presentation, Electronic Resources Management Workflows at a Distance, discussed the innovative methods for managing electronic resources at a non-traditional distance education library.
  • Preparing for Change and Taking Action: Effective  EBSCO Discovery Service Workflows at Two University of Maryland Libraries
    Lenore England,
    Digital Resources Librarian and Kelly Shipp, Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, presented a poster session at the Catholic University of America's Bridging the Spectrum Symposium in February, 2013. The poster, Preparing for Change and Taking Action: Effective EBSCO Discovery Service Workflows at Two University of Maryland Libraries, discussed the means to control the potential deluge of changes through the establishment of effective workflows of the EBSCO Discovery Service.

  • Evolving Tech Services to Manage & Discover E-Resources
    Li Fu, Digital Services Librarian and John Coogan, Systems Librarian, will present with two colleagues from Columbia University at Computers in Libraries 2013, Washington DC in April, 2013. The presentation addresses how the libraries are transitioning technical support functions to ensure access, discovery, assessment, sharing, and development of digital content and applications.

  • Keep it Streamlined for Students: Designing Library Instruction for the Online Learner
    Rocco DeBonis, Robert Miller, and Neal Pomea, Reference and Instruction Librarians, will present in April at the Association of College and Research Libraries Conference in Indianapolis, IN. The presentation, entitled, Keep it Streamlined for Students: Designing Library Instruction for the Online Learner, will review how the UMUC Library streamlined its online instruction template and customized it for specific classes.

  • A Catalyst for Change: Business Process Management Applications for Electronic Resources Management
    Lenore England, Digital Resources Librarian, UMUC; Angie Ohler, Head of Acquisitions at the University of Maryland, College Park; and Clara Ruttenberg, Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of Maryland, College Park will do a virtual presentation at the Association of College & Research Libraries Conference in Indianapolis, IN, in April 2013. They will discuss the various approaches to the benefits of business process management applications to electronic resources management at the two universities.
  • Thinking Outside the Search Box: How Three Maryland Libraries Implemented, Customized,and Taught Discovery Services to Meet Student Needs
    Rocco DeBonis, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Li Fu, Digital Services Librarian, and Cynthia Thomes, Reference and Instruction Librarian, will participate in a panel discussion on discovery services at the Maryland Library Association/Delaware Library Association 2013 Conference in Ocean City, Maryland in May, 2013. In conjunction with librarians from Towson University and Loyola University Maryland/Notre Dame of Maryland University, the UMUC group will share their experiences implementing, customizing, and teaching with EBSCO Discovery Service's subject searching capability.

  • Maximum Impact: Training and Utilizing Talented Student Employees for IT Dependent Library Operations
    Mark De Jong, Document Management Librarian, Li Fu, Digital Services Librarian, and Austin Smith, Library Technician III, will present at the American Library Association Conference in June, 2013. The presentation, Maximum Impact: Training and Utilizing Talented Student Employees for IT Dependent Library Operations, addresses ways to recruit student employees and utilize their skills to transform the library and foster librarianship.


For Your Information...


An appointment may be made to meet with a UMUC librarian for research assistance. Appointments are available in a variety of formats, including in-person, at the Academic Center in Largo during business hours, as well as by phone, e-mail, and via Web conferencing. Please use the Faculty Request for Library Instruction form to schedule a time for research assistance.

Need to find us? Please visit Hours and Locations for more information.


Faculty Corner

Library Liaisons

The UMUC Library provides library liaison services to UMUC faculty. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with faculty to provide tailored library services to individual classes, whether it be visiting your online or face-to-face class, assisting in adding information literacy components to specific course assignments or projects, or providing handouts or online resources customized to your discipline or current course topic. Please keep the liaison librarians in mind when you have library related questions, need extra help with research, or need instruction on how to use our resources.



  • Rocco DeBonis
    TUS: Center for Student Success (CFSS)
  • Barb Mann
    TUS: Department of Communication, Arts, and Humanities (COMM)
  • Robert Miller
    TUS: Department of Social, Behavioral, Natural, and Mathematical Sciences (SCIP)
  • Ed O'Donnell
    TUS: Department of Business and Professional Programs (BAPP)
  • Ryan Shepard
    TUS: Cybersecurity, Department of Computer Information Systems and Technology (CITE)


As the Spring 2013 semester is underway, UMUC librarians look forward to working with you and your classes, either via Web Tycho or on-site, in the provision of library resources instruction. The transferable skill building and concept understanding that librarians offer in these sessions provide both a deeper comprehension and comfort level for your students in locating, evaluating, and using information relevant to their studies. This preparation and reinforcement will hold your students in good stead as they deal with the vast amount of available information during their academic careers and as productive employees and citizens. Please complete the Faculty Request for Library Instruction form to schedule one or more sessions for your classes.

Need instruction but don't have time to schedule a facilitated session? Consider adding a stand-alone instruction module to your Web Tycho classroom. Please contact your library liaison for more information.

Questions? Comments? Need more information? Please contact Barb Mann, Assistant Director for Public Services, or Information and Library Services.

We look forward to working with you!