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Fall 2012 • Volume 12, Issue 3
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From Stephen Miller
Associate Provost, Information and Library Services

Stephen Miller

On behalf of my colleagues at the UMUC Library, I extend best wishes to all new and returning students, faculty, and staff. Welcome to the Fall semester!

In this newsletter, we introduce you to some of the members of the Library staff who make possible your 24/7 access to research resources. Please familiarize yourself with your librarians! We will continue to feature additional staff members in the Spring 2013 newsletter.

There have been some recent updates and improvements to Library electronic resources. As always, comments are welcome regarding these changes.

The Library continues to represent UMUC at conferences on the national level, and UMUC librarians will be published in several scholarly journals. In addition, several members of our staff have been recognized for significant contributions to librarianship. Congratulations to all!

UMUC librarians are available for research assistance through a variety of formats including 24/7 e-mail and live chat, as well as in-person and via telephone during regular business hours at our Largo location. Instant messaging is also available during selected hours from the Ask a Librarian page.

Please remember: Faculty are encouraged to take full advantage of the Library's liaison program and course-related library instruction.

All the best for the Fall semester!


Meet the Library Staff!

Whether it is downloading one of thousands of full text articles from the Library's wide array of databases (now numbering over 125!), ordering books that are delivered to your doorstep, requesting reserved readings for your Web Tycho classroom, or obtaining assistance with a particularly knotty research topic, just about all UMUC students, faculty, and staff make use of the UMUC Library. But did you ever wonder who works behind the scenes to provide library services, whether you are around the corner here in Largo--or around the world? In this and several of the next issues of the Library Newsletter, we introduce you to the various teams whose mission it is  to ensure that all of UMUC has 24/7 access to Library resources and services.

Digital Resources

Lenore EnglandDigital Resources
Lenore England

Lenore England, Digital Resources Librarian, is responsible for electronic database, e-book, and e-journal management and vendor negotiations. She is aware of any upcoming changes to database interfaces and content and keeps the Library staff apprised of any new developments regarding electronic resources. In addition, she works with vendors to ensure that electronic resources are properly maintained and any issues are dealt with quickly to provide patrons with the best Library experience possible.


Systems Team The Systems Team
Li Fu, Peter Burslem, Kee-Young Moon, John Coogan

The Systems Team ensures that all library systems run smoothly so patrons have continued access to library resources. Li Fu, Digital Services Librarian, provides support for electronic resources access and the library Web page, answers technical questions, and performs maintenance on Find It and Journal Finder. Peter Burslem, Library Web Specialist, provides programming and technical support for Web pages, electronic document delivery, and library operations. Kee-Young Moon, Advanced Technologies Librarian, is responsible for developing new and innovative online resources, implementing new technologies, and working to improve the functionality and appearance of our Web, instructional, and multimedia resources. John Coogan, Systems Librarian, manages the library Web site, cataloging, and IT issues for the library.

Document Delivery

Document Management Team The Document Delivery Team
Jung Moon, Mark de Jong, Binwi Ngwa-Suh, Austin Smith

Have you ever received an article that was not available in full text in library databases? If so, you can thank the Document Management Team. They are responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of books and articles to UMUC Library patrons. Mark de Jong, Document Management Librarian, manages the Document Delivery team. Jung Moon, Library Associate for Document Management, coordinates circulation and document management operations and student employees. Library Technicians Binwi Ngwa-Suh, Austin Smith, and Lina Amer (not pictured) assist with circulation and document delivery.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves TeamThe Electronic Reserves Team
Megan Baker, Yu-Hsiu Wang

Need to have book chapters, articles, lecture notes, or links to Web-based resources included in your Web Tycho classroom? The Library's Electronic Reserves Team can help you with that. Just submit a request and Yu-Hsiu Wang, Electronic Services Librarian, and Megan Baker, Library Technician (Electronic Reserves), will locate the materials, obtain any copyright clearance necessary, and load the materials into your classroom.


These are just some of the people who work to ensure that all of UMUC's students, faculty, and staff enjoy 24/7 to Library resources and services. Please see the next issue of our newsletter in the the Spring to meet more of the Library staff!


Electronic Resources News

New Enhancements to RefWorks!
RefWorks, a Web-based citation management tool, now includes an updated and improved Write-N-Cite feature, which is built directly into Word and no longer displays as a separate page. Write-N-Cite allows you to auto-format your research citations as you write, provides better formatting for footnotes, and gives improved support for all platforms, both in Windows and Mac.

New ProQuest Interface Released!
A new ProQuest interface for the following resources provides users with better options for cross-searching within ProQuest resources and saving research. Be sure to take a look and let us know what you think!

  • ABI/Inform Complete
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • GenderWatch
  • New York Times Historical
  • New York Times
  • ProQuest Computing
  • ProQuest National Newspapers
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Wall Street Journal Historical
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post


UMUC Library Staff News


  • Real-time Global Instruction in a Virtual Environment
    Barb Mann
    , Assistant Director for Public Services, and Julie Arnold Lietzau, Course Manager for UCSP 611, have been invited to present at the 13th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning – T.C., to be held in Traverse City, MI, September 20 - 23, 2012. Their presentation, entitled Real-time Global Instruction in a Virtual Environment, will focus on the successful use of web conferencing to provide real-time connections between students and instructors in the asynchronous learning environment, fostering a sense of community and reinforcing learning. Planning considerations, “nuts and bolts” of conducting such sessions, and assessment will all be discussed.
  • Centralizing Effective Electronic Resources Assessment: Successful Collaboration Leading to Innovations 
    Lenore England,
    Digital Resources Librarian, and Barb Mann, Assistant Director, Public Services, will present a poster session at the Library Assessment Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia in October. The poster, titled Centralizing Effective Electronic Resources Assessment:    Successful Collaboration Leading to Innovations, will discuss the effective use of a centralized site and collaboration between the reference staff and Digital Resources Librarian, which has ultimately fostered innovations in assessment of electronic resources.
  • Electronic Collection Assessment and Benchmarking to Demonstrate the Value of Electronic Collections 
    Stephen Miller
    , Associate Provost for ILS, will also present a paper at the Library Assessment Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia in October. Titled Electronic Collection Assessment and Benchmarking to Demonstrate the Value of Electronic Collections, the paper will discuss two projects that were developed and undertaken by ILS to show how well the Library’s electronic collections match the university’s curricular needs. The projects resulted in strong external validation of the quality and comprehensiveness of the Library’s database collections in meeting the needs of UMUC’s academic programs.


  • Optimizing Your ERM: The Application of Business Process Management to Operation 
    Lenore England
    , Digital Resources Librarian, Li Fu, Digital Services Librarian, and Stephen Miller, Associate Provost, Information and Library Services, co-authored an article entitled “Optimizing Your ERM: The Application of Business Process Management to Operations” in Technical Services Quarterly.
  • Virtual Reference at a Global University: An Analysis of Patron and Question Type
    Joseph Rawson
    , 24/7 Services Coordinator, Megan A. Davis, Reference and Instruction Librarian and Regional Services Liaison, Julie Arnold Lietzau, UCSP Course Manager, and Clare Miller, Reference and Instruction Librarian, co-authored an article entitled "Virtual Reference at a Global University: An Analysis of Patron and Question Type." The article will appear this fall in the Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning.


Lenore England and Barb MannLenore England and Barb Mann
  • Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management
    Lenore England,
    Digital  Resources Librarian, has won the Coutts Award for Innovation in  Electronic Resources Management. This award "recognizes significant and  innovative contributions to electronic collections management and  development practice" and is sponsored by the Collection Management  Section of the Association for Library Collections & Technical  Services. Ms. England received her Masters in Library and Information  Science from San Jose State University in 1998 and has been a librarian at UMUC since 1999.
  • Miriam Dudley Instructional Librarian Award
    Barb Mann,  Assistant Director for Public Services, is the 2012 recipient of the  ACRL/IS (Association of College and Research Libraries/Instruction  Section) Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award. This award  recognizes a librarian who has contributed significantly to library  instruction in a college or research library. Ms. Mann was cited for her  leadership in the creation of a thriving information literacy program  and her success in providing information literacy instruction in  conjunction with UMUC's Distance Education program. She received her  Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of South  Carolina in 1995 and has been employed by UMUC since 2006.


For Your Information...


An appointment may be made to meet with a UMUC librarian for research assistance. Appointments are available in a variety of formats, including in-person at the Academic Center in Largo during business hours, as well as by phone, e-mail, and via Web conferencing. Please use the request an appointment form to schedule a time for research assistance.

Need to find us? Please visit Locations and Hours for more information.


Faculty Corner

Library Liaisons

The UMUC Library provides library liaison services to UMUC faculty. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with faculty to provide tailored library services to individual classes, whether it be visiting your online or face-to-face class, assisting in adding information literacy components to specific course assignments or projects, or providing handouts or online resources customized to your discipline or current course topic. Please keep the liaison librarians in mind when you have library related questions, need extra help with research, or need instruction on how to use our resources.



  • Rocco DeBonis
    TUS: Center for Student Success (CFSS)
  • Barb Mann
    TUS: Department of Communication, Arts, and Humanities (COMM)
  • Robert Miller
    TUS: Department of Social, Behavioral, Natural, and Mathematical Sciences (SCIP)
  • Ed O'Donnell
    TUS: Department of Business and Professional Programs (BAPP)
  • Ryan Shepard
    TUS: Cybersecurity, Department of Computer Information Systems and Technology (CITE)


As the Fall 2012 semester begins, UMUC librarians look forward to working with you and your classes, either via Web Tycho or on-site, in the provision of library resources instruction. The transferable skill building and concept understanding that librarians offer in these sessions provide both a deeper comprehension and comfort level for your students in locating, evaluating, and using information relevant to their studies. This preparation and reinforcement will hold your students in good stead as they deal with the vast amount of available information during their academic careers and as productive employees and citizens. Please complete the Faculty Request for Library Instruction form to schedule one or more sessions for your classes.

Need instruction but don't have time to schedule a facilitated session? Consider adding a stand-alone instruction module to your Web Tycho classroom. Please contact your library liaison for more information.

Questions? Comments? Need more information? Please contact Barb Mann, Assistant Director for Public Services, or Information and Library Services.

We look forward to working with you!


Hot Sites... Authentic Assessment

UMUC recently redesigned its curriculum to include what is known as authentic assessment--a form of assessment based on tasks (such as creating a business or marketing plan) students would accomplish in their professional lives. To learn more about authentic assessment, please visit these Web sites specifically chosen by UMUC Librarians.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox
The Authentic Assessment Toolbox contains much useful information, including standards, tasks, rubrics, and more. The site was created and is maintained by Jon Mueller, a Professor of Psychology at North Central College in Naperville, IL.

The 10 Learning Outcomes
This site contains authentic assessments created by faculty at Miami Dade College in a variety of disciplines, including emergency care, education, and the natural sciences.
This Web site, a "clearinghouse for assessment, evaluation, and research information" contains the essay The Case for Authentic Assessment, by Grant Wiggins. Mr. Wiggins is a widely-known advocate of authentic assessment in education. He is president of Authentic Education in Hopewell, New Jersey and earned his Ed.D. from Harvard University.
This Web site features helpful information about authentic assessment, including its history, authentic assessment data analysis, and more.