Scholarship Helped UMUC Graduate Find Message Hidden Beneath Words

July 1, 2013

UMUC Graduate and Scholarship Recipient Mildred Johnson

Mildred Johnson is often questioned about how a Bachelor of Arts in English from UMUC benefits her.

"My answer is never brief; most English majors are seldom in search of words to give voice to their opinions." she said. "A Bachelor of Arts in English helps me to find the message hidden beneath the words. My coursework teaches me, through careful research and analysis, to interpret and develop a thorough understanding of oral and written communications."

Johnson, who completed her degree in 2011, is a recipient of the Mathilde Eiker Memorial/Irving Foote and Iverna Eiker Foote Tribute Scholarship Fund. She is grateful to UMUC and to the donor who established the scholarship, Earl Foote '02, for helping to make her studies and her degree a reality. 

Foote has been employed at UMUC for more than 15 years. He created the scholarship fund to honor his parents and in memory of his "Aunt Mattie" who helped to nurture his love for the English language.

"This scholarship is my way of thanking my parents and my aunt for all their encouragement and support, and also a way to give back to the wider community," Foote said.

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